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Only a few days left on Kickstarter before the real fun begins for me.

The physical keys that I began producing about 3 years ago, came to me in a meditation where I was pondering over “spiritual key-words”. For some reason, I began to see skeleton keys with words on it jump out to me. I immediately stopped meditating and began feverishly google images of keys with words on it. I became quite excited to see that no-one had made them in the same way that I envisioned them. I felt I was on to something. Not long after that, I had the first keys in hand. I did little with them, but everyone liked how they looked and could see potential in them.

I tried on several occasions to sell them to businesses and organizations alike but lacked the sales drive to transform the idea into a commercially viable business. My poor mom and several friends have boxes of these in their homes, waiting for me to do something with them. I have continued my life-coaching and service work that I have been involved in for a number of years prior to this. Work that has brought me immense meaning and purpose in my life.

Around this time last year, my circumstances changed suddenly. A person that I had been helping had suddenly turned on me and had begun poisoning my community where I was doing the bulk of my work. It was a sudden and inexplicable chapter in my life that left me baffled and uncertain of my purpose. It essentially moved me away from this work, into a new chapter in my life. It was devastating at the time, but it pushed me into this new direction. The phrase “God is doing for me, what I couldn’t do for myself”, springs to mind. Because I would never have left that situation as I would always have felt some sense of duty to the people that I was trying to help. As usual, miracles were happening all around me, and despite personal uncertainty, I felt safe in the knowledge that everything was going to work out just fine. I had faith.

This last year has been difficult, but never have I strained too far from peace and serenity to plague my well being. I am fortunate to have an amazing community of loving friends through fellowship and service. This last year has granted me time to write this book on hope, and all these experiences that have reaffirmed and pushed me into a deeper understanding of this very beautiful spiritual principle.

HOPE is abundant, but it can be cultivated through understanding – I began writing on the topic of hope in a very logical and almost scientific approach to this subject at first, but it felt mechanical and emotionless. Friends with whom I had shared my idea and offered to help unanimously advised me to add my own personal experience, to add depth and allow the reader to relate to what I was saying. This was not something I really wanted to do. There were many parts of my life that I really didn’t want people to know about me and I still felt embarassed about. Writing about my own background, turned out to be a cleansing experience. Difficult and utterly emotionally draining, but I no longer fear the judgment of self that held me back. Writing this book has given me a better understanding of hope. Your support has given me HOPE.

I am truly grateful.


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Jai Wurfbain

First time author, life long protagonist, here and willing to share his inner most secrets to help others on their own journeys through those rough roads life likes to throw at us.

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