In my first book The Keys To The Kingdom – HOPE, I narrate my personal story of personal discovery, of “hope” in my life. Through the countless up’s and downs and the many obstacles that were placed in my way both by myself and those that life enjoyed tossing into my direction.

This is a personal journey through my life, a life filled with extremes. Where I wanted to be different from others and sought out to do things that were somewhat exclusive and yet at the same time, wanted to be part of the herd as well. My early life was very much coming to terms of my uniqueness in a larger society where there are obvious benefits to fitting in. It was learning that I’m clearly a bit different than most but at the same time just the same too.

But these little differences are what add to the rich, colorful tapestry of what our lives are, and should not be a reason to separate us from our brothers and sisters in this world.

I was born in South Korea, adopted by Dutch parents and educated in the Netherlands as well as England. I have had many jobs from a Sargent in the armed forces to a proprietary investor for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, but financial success did not feel like personal success to me! I have always looked for more, tried to find the next level, never giving up but somehow never fully grasping what more should look like.

Then the wheels came off what was my life!

I came to understand the meaning of suffering.

Only the desperate truly come to know it from having to travel through its grasp, something I would never even wish on my worse enemy. In this book, I will share my experiences both good and bad to help understand the purpose of suffering. In doing so, hope that I can help you achieve a spiritual experience which I like to describe as “moving knowing into feeling” and discover a wholeness within to live with humility in the present moment.

To feel blessed for the daily miracle of living, through the awareness of abundance in life. To have the awareness that perfection can be found by simply shifting into a different perception.

As a first time author, I have drawn from years my of experience as a spiritual guide to others. My work, as life-coach and my service to others, has honed my ability to share this message of hope to all, hopefully allowing others to relate to these personal challenges in life.