A Chinese Proverb

“A frog trapped in a well cannot fathom the depth of the ocean.”
~ Zhuǎng Zǐ

This quote arouses such a beautiful awareness within me. I use the word “arouse” very carefully here. I don’t intend to use the word “teaches”, because I already understand the concept that this nugget of wisdom represents. The reason that I am using the word “arouse” is because the moment that I read this, it brings back a previously held awareness to the forefront of my consciousness.

This arousal of my awareness is of vital importance to grasp yet a deeper understanding of above-mentioned quote. It is an “arousal” because the understanding of anything is temporary. It is only when we bring it into our consciousness, at this very moment that it once again becomes truth. We as humans are not capable of a continued and permanent awareness. We are capable of recall, and once our memory has been brought back, we once again access the same understanding as before, which we then use to apply this knowledge to current situations. Sometimes ending in disappointing results.

The results were disappointing because they were not as expected. But then, we are discounting the fact that everything changes and not everything remains the same. So many factors had changed and we were trying to apply an identical solution to a different situation. Scientists make it a priority to isolate their study target from as many possible factors, in order to understand or apply targeted manipulations for desired results. This is not possible in our relationships with others especially when you take into account other people’s emotional well-being.

Coming back to the quote, the awareness that it arouses is one of open-mindedness. When I accept the limitations of my mind, then I am open-minded about my inability to control all factors in my life. Then instead I am able to move gently between the things that I can do, and let go of the things that don’t go my way. Open-mindedness arouses the true wisdom of man.



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